Pitch Wars 2017, here I come!

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So you might recall that I applied for Pitch Wars, a writing contest hosted by the amazing Brenda Drake. Basically, it involves submitting a query and manuscript to mentors who are writing professionals (think: agented authors, editors). If you get in, you spend the next two months working with your mentor to polish up your manuscript, query, and pitch in preparation for the Agent Showcase in November. That’s when a whole bunch of agents come take a look at the shiny pitches on the Pitch Wars site and mayyyyybe, if you’re lucky, request you send them some pages.

I submitted the second the application window opened in early August, and I found out on Thursday that I got in.

I’m still stunned right now, but LOOK, THERE’S PROOF AND EVERYTHING:


AND I’ll be mentored by the inimitable Emily Martin, so this is about how I’m feeling right now:


I honestly can’t even put into words how thrilled and humbled I am that Emily chose to work with me. She’s a brilliant writer who has the most deliciously heartwrenching book ever (you can check it out here on Goodreads!), and on top of that, she’s an incredibly nice person. Who even went to grad school in the city where  I grew up (and where THE FEVER KING is set). Freaking kismet, am I right? No matter what happened with pitch wars, I was determined to be her friend at the end of it all. Soooo I was extra lucky she picked me!

Part of what I love about writing is that it feels like a form of telepathy. You create this world, these characters, in your head, and when you put them into words it’s because you hope someone will read those words and step into your world. That they will meet your characters and understand them like you do. So when someone reads your book and has all the feelings about your characters that you have, when they hate the hateable dickbag and love the mysterious rival and are intrigued by the charismatic villain and share the furious main character’s rage…that’s the best feeling in the world.

giphy (1)

I’m hoping to use this blog to write about my experiences in Pitch Wars (and…maybe beyond? WE’LL SEE!). Soooo buckle up, because there’s gonna be a lot of gifs and a lot of novel aesthetics. I have no self-control like that.

If you want, I’m also hanging out on twitter at sosaidvictoria. I’m pretty active there, so come talk books at me!


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